Note: Gimp-Ruby is written against GIMP 2.3 which is the developmental version and not the current stable version. I’m looking into what would be necessary to backport Gimp-Ruby to 2.2.


Gimp-Ruby allows you write new GIMP plugins in the Ruby programming language. Gimp-Ruby also contains a module, Ruby-Fu, which allows you to define new procedures similarly to Script-Fu.


Get the source tarball here: gimp-ruby.tgz

Gimp-Ruby can also be checked out of the GNOME SVN repository using the following command: svn co gimp-ruby


For more information, read the Gimp-Ruby guide, and the Gimp-Ruby tutorial.

Special Thanks:

Gimp-Ruby was created as a project for the Google Summer of Code 2006 program. My project mentor was Kevin Cozens, who was almost entirely responsible for setting up the build scripts for me.

The gimp irc channel was also a big help to completing the project.

More information to come