Atrium Modeling Project

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This was the class project for a computer graphics course I took. We were to collaboratively create a large scale model of the atrium in the science building. Everything was created from scratch by hand using the POV Ray ray tracing program.

The main focuses of the project were teamwork, modularity, and learning how to use transformations effectively. Lighting was not a high priority, so the rendered scenes look a bit like a nuclear bomb has been detonated. You can see the the final rendering on the right, along with other various renderings here.

The project is in CVS somewhere, but I’m not sure if it could be checked out without access to the CSci lab. I should check this out.

My Contributions:

My main task was the creation of most of the textures used. You can see some samples from one of my progress reports here. I also created the door model, which can be seen in the final rendering or in greater detail here.